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Classy furniture
for discerning cat

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classy furniture
for discerning cat

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The Meyou Paris concept

Every element of our interior is carefully chosen. These combinations of materials, colours, all those little things that dress our homes are important to make us feel at home. So why not have this choice for the bedding, the toys or the scratching post for our cats? 

Something comfortable for our cat and beautiful for us?

It is from this questioning that the Meyou Paris adventure started. We wanted to make the link between the comfort of our cats and our design desires.

Our products with their pure design are made from natural materials. They have been designed to offer maximum comfort to cats while beautifully dressing our homes in timeless colours. Their subtle design combines curved and straight lines that create a refined cocoon for our cats. Curious and playful by nature, they can take shelter there to observe the world, rest away from prying eyes or even make their claws.

Meyou is French-made. The wood or steel work, the manufacture or assembly of the parts, each of these steps is carried out in France by professionals who have supported the project since its beginning.

Why choose Meyou Paris?

Because your favorite feline deserves the best of cat furniture, Meyou Paris offers furniture for cats and kittens that will be as comfortable for him as pleasant for you in your home. 

The Cube, the Ball, the Bed and the Nest are waiting for you to satisfy your search for a cat basket, cat kennel or cat bed. 

With a wide range of colours, elegant and refined, our products will be your pet's favourite place for naps. 

True leitmotif of our brand of cat furniture, the furniture we offer at Meyou is design and fits perfectly with your interior decoration. 

In addition to the various beds, Meyou also offers you cat accessories, such as toys that will make him happy for a play session after a nap. 

Finally, in addition to our cat furniture shop, Meyou is also a blog about the life of our animals. The latter offers articles that will answer the questions you have about your cat. You will have access to many themes that will allow you to better manage the relationship with your little protégé.