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Classy furnitures

for discerning cat

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classy furnitures

for discerning cat

The elegance and design of cat furniture
at the service of your interior decoration

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The Brand Meyou Paris


There are many products for cats, but how many take your design desires into account in your decoration?It is from this question that the Meyou adventure started four years ago. Aude Sanchez, creator of Meyou wanted to make the link between the comfort of our cats and our desire for design by proposing design cat furniture, making Meyou Paris a banner that can satisfy the cat as much as its master.

The idea for the concept came from a report denouncing the censorship of some dictators. " Designers had imagined cat scratches with the effigy of Putin or Kim Jong-Un. They had managed with humour to thumb their noses at the existing regime and create buzz. This documentary gave me a simple realization: feline accessories were never considered from an aesthetic point of view. The name Meyou is an extension of this approach. I wanted something that would make a cocoon and remind me of the cat’s and his master’s cohabitation in the same place of life. I was suggested Mayu, which in Japanese means cocoon. By declining it, it became Me You, you and I... We were there."

Aude Sanchez,creator of Meyou Paris

la marque meyou paris
Why did you choose Meyou?
Because your favorite cat deserves the best cat furniture, Meyou Paris offers you furniture for cats and kittens that will be as comfortable for him as it is pleasant for you in your interior.

The Cube, The Ball, The Bed and Nest await you to satisfy your search for a cat basket, cat niche or cat bed.

With a wide range of colors, elegant and refined, our products will be your pet’s favorite place for his naps.

True leitmotiv of our cat furniture brand, the furniture we propose at Meyou are design and marry perfectly with your interior decoration.

In addition to the different beds, Meyou also offers cat accessories, such as toys that will make him happy for a game session after napping.

Finally, in addition to our cat furniture shop, Meyou is also a blog about the life of our animals. The latter offers articles that will answer the questions you ask about your cat.You will access many themes that will allow you to better manage the relationship with your protected child.