Meyou is an accessory line that matches cats’ personalities: delicate and elegant.

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  • The Cube

    The purity of the graphic form, the softness of a woven bubble. A real territory for your cat: a small cozy cube in which he can sleep.

  • The Ball

    The organic balance between wood and metal for a better comfort.
    A cocoon for your cat that he can not resist. Is it not the absolute dream to be able to curl up?

  • The Bed

    An observation post for your cat. It is composed of noble and elegant materials: Solid beech, felt 100% wool and a double cushion.
    Your cat will be able to look at the world around him while indulging in his favorite occupation ... Sleeping with you.

  • The Nest

    A cozy nest that will host the naps of our cats. Has a spiral of cotton rope that can also, it is completed with a fabric cushion with graphic patterns that
    brings a touch design and colorful. What's more, he knows how to make himself a nomad, by bending and carrying himself easily everywhere.

  • The Accessories

    The  cocoons are a playground, a scratcher and a bed all-in-one. Purchased alone, they will roll and ensure hours of playing and scratching to entertain your cat. Our ball toys are retought balls of wood. Firm and light, they will ensure your cat is entertained for hours. 

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