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  • 04/11/2018 | tips and tricks

    How to optimise the layout of your cat’s living areas

    When it comes to eating, playing and doing their business, cats need clearly defined areas for their everyday activities. In this article, we explain how to arrange your cat’s various objects to create the perfect environment. Does your cat insist on sleeping on a piece of furniture rather than in their basket? Do they still prefer the back of your couch to their scratching post? This doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat is temperamental.

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  • 04/04/2018 | Our news

    Help us revolutionise the world of cat trees and scratching posts!

    Meyou is launching a new Kickstarter campaign so we can start producing our designer cat tree and scratching posts. You can help us by pre-ordering these two products as of now! Our latest challenge: to provide an alternative range of cat trees and scratching posts. After carrying out research for over a year, we are now ready to launch these two new products and you can help us do so! Read here all about our new Kickstarter campaign.

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  • 03/14/2018 | Cat life

    5 figures about cats

    Here are some surprising figures about cats and their relationship with their human owners! Here at Meyou, we knew that cats were real characters long before Grumpy Cat took the Internet by storm! Whether it involves watching their antics online or simply in real life, we’re crazy about our furry companions. Our companionship with cats dates back thousands of years and, as you’ll see, this bond is becoming increasingly closer.

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  • 03/07/2018 | tips and tricks

    Is your cat a mini-genius?

    What makes a cat intelligent? And how can you measure and develop their intelligence? Read on to find out more! Humankind has long been attempting to measure the intelligence of different species of animals, often with the aim of proving that the human species is superior in this area. Dogs and monkeys have thus been the subject of many studies, but cats have for the most part been ignored.

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  • 02/28/2018 | Cat life

    What to expect when your cat is pregnant?

    We talk you through the various stages of your cat’s pregnancy, from the first few weeks to the birth. Winter is almost over and it will soon be mating season in the cat world. When female cats reach puberty, which can occur as early as 4 months right through to 18 months of age, they risk falling pregnant if they are not spayed and happen to encounter a handsome male. The period of gestation (or pregnancy) in cats is relatively short.

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  • 02/21/2018 | tips and tricks

    How to deal with motion sickness in cats?

    Some cats are particularly prone to motion sickness, but this problem can be avoided. We’ve compiled a list of solutions on how to make it easier to travel by car with your cat. Whether it’s to bring your cat to the vet or because you’re heading away on holiday, each time you have to take puss in the car, your heart sinks. Like many cats, your favourite ball of fur suffers from motion sickness. But don’t despair – a number of solutions exist!

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  • 02/14/2018 | Cat life

    Common preconceptions about cats

    From rumours and half truths to ingrained beliefs that are in fact false, cats are subject to their fair share of preconceived notions. There lots of generally accepted ideas about cats that can sometimes even cause them harm. We have listed a few of the most common below.

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  • 02/07/2018 | tips and tricks

    What to do if your cat has the sniffles

    Like us humans, cats can catch a nasty cold from time to time. In this post, we advise you on how to look after your cat when they’re feeling under the weather. Bouts of sneezing and a runny nose are both sure signs your cat has caught a cold. When this happens us, we know exactly what to do. But when our cats are struck by the same plight, we’re not so sure how to proceed. Fear not! Read on and you’ll soon know exactly what to do.

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  • 01/31/2018 | tips and tricks

    How to become a foster family for cats?

    If you’d like to combine your love of cats with a good deed, why not volunteer to become a foster family for cats! Have you always dreamed of having a cat, but don’t have the possibility of adopting one at the moment? Perhaps you would simply like to do a good deed and get involved in the feline cause. If so, you may be interested in fostering one or more cats on a temporary basis from a cat rescue association.

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  • 01/24/2018 | tips and tricks

    First aid for your cat

    What should you do if your cat suffers a minor or major injury? Here we outline the basic gestures for attending to your cat. Like ourselves, cats are not immune to the risk of a minor or serious accident, particularly domestic and road accidents. Depending on the nature of the injury, it may be necessary to act very quickly. As a cat owner, you can learn some of the basic gestures to provide first aid to your pet in the event of an accident.

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