6 original objects, with the effigy of your cat

Published : 07/02/2020 11:30:00
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6 original objects, with the effigy of your cat

We all know that when you love, you don't count. So when it comes to objects in the image of your pet, anything goes. Meyou has found you the most beautiful and funny objects in the image of your cat. From a period portrait, necklaces of all kinds, a nice soft plaid, shoes or a personalized mug. Thanks to their know-how and imagination, the brands know how to enhance your pet with beauty...

1. A portrait of the period, for discerning cats

"The cat is king", this sentence takes all its meaning with the small masterpieces created by Animojo.

This small company creates anthropomorphic portraits (half-man, half-beast) in the image of your favourite furrball, straight from the Renaissance era. Your feline is put in the spotlight through an artistic work.

Meyou Paris tested Animojo and the result and quality are surprising. To create our period portrait, we sent a photo of the cat of one of our collaborators, then a second photo of Meyou's manager, Laurent. 

Animojo shares a know-how identical to that of Meyou Paris, that is to say, that of artisanal manufacturing and French know-how. 

Price: from 39€ on Animojo

meyou x animojo

2. A collar with beneficial properties for your cat

Collars to match your cat's temperament, but also your own... You dreamed about it, they did it! 

Catlets was created in 2019 by two inhabitants of Ghent, Belgium. These two cat lovers wanted to design collars with a luxurious look and beneficial aspects for your pet.

The beneficial virtues come from the precious stones and crystals present on the catlet necklace. 

A Catlets x Meyou Paris project is in preparation... Keep an eye out! 

Price: from 20€ on Catlets

meyou x catlets

3. A personalized plaid

It's winter, and one warm evening after another in front of the fireplace... You want to curl up in a warm blanket. 

The Cat Art team has created a personalized plaid with your fur ball in it. A unique and original object that will perfectly dress your bed or sofa and will keep you warm in winter. 

This small company also customizes other objects such as cushions or mouse pads... The Perfect Cat lover's panoply! 

Price: 159€ on Art de chat

meyou x animojo

4. A necklace personalized with the initial of his name

Feel like giving your feline a little beauty treatment? You will probably love the collar offered by Furrever Fluffs. 

In addition to the infinite choice of colours, you can personalise your tomcat's collar with the first letter of his first name. 

Furrever fluffs also offers flower necklaces and bow ties to meet everyone's expectations and needs. 

Price : 13,95€ on FurreverFluffss


5. Shoes in his effigy…

Is your shoe collection sorely lacking a "tribute to your pet" pair? Now is the time to do something about it.
We recommend the personalized shoes with the pretty little head of your tomcat. 

Price: from 59€ on Groove Bags

6. A personalized ceramic mug... with your tomcat's head on it

Do you want something special, useful and unique made especially for you? BarruntandoCeramics creates personalized cups to your taste for your pet, whether it is a cat, dog or rabbit of any breed. 

Your pet's head cup is best personalised and decorated with colours and patterns according to its fur.

PAs a little extra, you can add a name to the part of the cup you prefer.

Price: from 45€ on BarruntandoCeramics

Customized Meyou products according to your tastes and expectations are currently being designed in our workshops.
They will arrive in our boutique by the year 2021.
In the meantime, you can always (re)discover our products for your cats, who are also demanding in terms of beautiful objects.


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