The scratching post revolution by Meyou Paris

Published : 12/13/2020 18:00:40
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The scratching post revolution by Meyou Paris
To scratch: verb representing a natural and essential need in cats. Indeed, to claw allows your cat to wear out its claws, but also to mark its territory. If your cat cannot claw, it can cause stress for him. After several years of research, we have just launched the VEGAS scratching post, an essential product for the well-being of your cat and for your interior design. Why choose between the well-being of your cat and the design of your interior?

Why does the cat make its claws?

Territory marking is one of the reasons for this behavior in your cat. It is important to know that when your cat scratches your furniture (sofa, curtains or walls), it deposits territory pheromones, which are released via the sweat glands present between his pads.

The claw also allows your cat to wear out its claws. In fact, if your cat stays at home and has no outside access, he cannot wear his claws naturally, unlike an outdoor cat who has access to hard surfaces (concrete, trees, etc...). An indoor cat must therefore scratch what it has at its disposal in order to file its claws. Scratching is a need for your cat and is essential to his well-being. If he cannot meet this need, it will cause stress for him. There is a natural cycle for the renewal of your cat's claws. Every month, claw residues fall off leaving room for a new sharp claw. However, nail work is essential for a cat with access to the outdoors! Indeed, the outdoor cat needs to be able to defend himself or climb trees. 

Meyou Paris keeps its promise and reinvents this essential accessory for the well-being of your feline, with the cactus-shaped scratching post: the VEGAS. It will bring a fun and trendy touch to your decoration, no more need to hide it behind a door or in a corner of the room.

Meyou griffoir scratcher Vegas

The Vegas: a scratching post classy and design

You will fall for our Vegas! Beneath the features of this adorable cactus hides a wall claw designed to resist the warlike attacks of kitty. Our scratching post VEGAS can be placed in strategic places where your cat needs to mark its territory.

The scratch surface of the Vegas consists of a sturdy woven rope on a stainless steel finish base (a wooden stand will be offered in the first quarter of 2021). Available in four colors, green, black, gray and cream with green dots, the rope of this scratching post is very easy to replace. Its fixing is done with a "straps", so that it can be changed in a flash in case of wear or to vary the colors. 

Meyou griffoir scratcher Vegas
griffoir inox vert
griffoir inox beige
griffoir inox noir
griffoir inox gris

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