Help us revolutionise the world of cat trees and scratching posts!

Published : 04/04/2018 11:00:00
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Help us revolutionise the world of cat trees and scratching posts!

As you may remember, roughly two years ago, Meyou launched its first range of cat beds thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that far exceeded our expectations. At the time, we announced that we wanted to take the brand even further, which brings us to our latest challenge: to provide an alternative range of cat trees and scratching posts. After carrying out research for over a year, we are now ready to launch these two new products and you can help us do so! To find out how, visit our new Kickstarter campaign page which launches today.

Enjoy a preview of our products and order at a preferential rate

At Meyou, we put a lot of time into designing our products. Our designers and engineers have been working on perfecting our cat tree and scratching posts for months on end. After creating several prototypes and entering into talks with manufacturers, we are now ready for the final phase. And that’s where you come in! In order to ensure we have the necessary level of stock and cash flow to launch the production of our new models, we have decided to resort to a crowdfunding campaign once again.

So, what’s in it for you? The chance to be among the first to buy one of Meyou’s new cat trees/scratching posts at an exceptional price! Via our Kickstarter page, you can pre-order these new products at a significant discount compared to their final retail price. For example, our Vegas scratching post will be on sale at just €49 (early-bird price) and then €59 (compared to a retail price of €75). As for our cat tree, the HOOP, the early-bird price will be €169 and then €189, compared to a retail price of €239!

Meyou Hoop Vegas

The Vegas scratching post will spice up your decor

There’s no doubt about it, you’ll love the Vegas! With its cute cactus form, this wall-mounted scratching post is designed to withstand even the fiercest attacks by kitty. Finally, an accessory that you won’t need to hide behind the door or in a corner of the sitting room! The Vegas will add a fun, trendy touch to your decor, while fitting neatly into those strategic areas where your cat needs to mark their territory.

The Vegas consists of a scratching surface made of strong woven cord, attached to a wooden base. Available in three colours – khaki with cream-coloured dots, black with white dots, or plain beige –, the upper part can be easily replaced thanks to a nifty Velcro system, so you can change it in the blink of an eye the minute it starts to show signs of wear and tear, or if you wish to switch colours.

Meyou griffoir scratcher Vegas

The HOOP cat tree boasts a stylish look

Are you sick of the tacky-looking cat trees on sale almost everywhere? We feel your pain! That’s why we designed the HOOP, a contemporary cat tree with a sleek and elegant metal frame. It’s the perfect structure for your cat to climb, play, rest or watch over their territory. Available in black or white, it will blend in with the most stylish interiors while ensuring your cat’s absolute comfort.

The HOOP's two platforms and resting area are covered with thin cushions made of highly-resistant cord (the same material as the Vegas scratching post), which are perfect for your cat to sharpen their claws. Thanks to a Velcro system, they can be easily removed if you want to leave the tree outdoors (the HOOP is treated against corrosion) or, alternatively, if you want to let your cat enjoy the cool metal frame during the hot summer months. Last, but not least, there is a small ring under each of the two platforms where you can hang your cat's favourite toys.

Meyou arbre à chat cat tree Hoop

Meyou’s campaign on Kickstarter

Dates: from 4th April to 9th May

Objective: to raise €50 000 to launch production of the Vegas scratching post and the HOOP cat tree.

Pre-order prices:

For the Vegas scratching post: €49 (early-bird price), then €59 (compared to a retail price of €75);

For the HOOP cat tree: €169 (early-bird price), then €189 (compared to a retail price of €239).

To check out our campaign, go to:

If you like our project, you can help Meyou by spreading the word about our campaign!

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