The year of the “N” : here are some name ideas for your cat

Published : 04/26/2017 12:00:00
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The year of the “N” : here are some name ideas for your cat
Have you just adopted a cat or are you ready to do it ? Congratulations ! You will soon have to find a name for this new member of the family. As you may know, 2017 is the year of the "N". If you have chosen a purebred cat, and want to have it registered in France, you will have to choose a name starting with this letter for your pet. You can do this by bypassing the rule with an N followed by an apostrophe, for example: "N'Choupette". But if you have decided to comply (even in case your cat can not claim a pedigree) here is a list of suggestions to help you find the perfect name for kitty.

NachoA yummy name

Kitty may be as high as three apples, but he has an ogre’s appetite. Or else it may be his master who is a fine gourmet, passionate about good food. In both cases, you need a name referring to food for your cat ! For example, Nougat (or its feminine equivalent Nougatine) or Noodles (really cute don’t you think ?). There's also Nugget, Nacho or Nutella ... to spoil your diet without feeling guilty. Let us not forget the dried fruit, with Nut or Nutmeg.
VoyagesA name made for traveling

You are a globe-trotter, passionate for new horizons ? Why not choose a place, more or less exotic, to name kitty. Who knows, it may also give him a taste for travel ? Several Mediterranean destinations make very nice names of felines, such as Napoli (Naples in Italian), Naxos (an island of the Cyclades) or Nicosia (the capital of Cyprus). If you are a fan of the USA, you can also opt for Niagara, Nevada or Nashville. And to honour Asia or Africa, why not Nagoya or Nairobi ?
NapoléonA historical name

You have high ambitions for your cat ? Choose for him the name of a great historical figure. There are plenty ! Heads of state or empire: Nehru, Nasser, Nixon, Napoleon, Nicephorus or Nebuchadnezzar (maybe a little long). Alternatively, intellectuals or artists: Nietzsche, Newton, Nostradamus or Nijinski. But let's face it, you will unfortunately have fewer choices of female names ... There is Nefertiti nevertheless.
NénupharA natural name

Are you a gardening enthusiast, or an eco-friendly cat owner ? So opt for a cat name inspired by botany. For this year in "N", one finds plants and pretty flowers such as Narcissus, Nymphaea or Nepeta (also known as “Catmint” !). There is also the fruit Nectarine or the most piquant Nopal (a large cactus). And why not choose the name of one of these flowers with the intoxicating odour of Neroli or Niaouli ?
NéonAn original name

Did not find what you were looking for in the previous categories ? There are still plenty of other original cat names starting with the letter "N". For example, Neon, for a kitten with bright future ;) ..., or Nabob, for a feline that will be particularly spoiled. We have a weak spot also for Namaste, Nirvana, Noble, and Neptune, which takes us to the stars. And there are many more : Noah, Nessie (which is also the name of the Loch Ness monster), Nelson, Nobel, Nestor, Nyssa, Norman ... In short, ... as well as a certainty: your cat will never mind the name you gave him !

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