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When cats get bitten by insect : how to react ?

Published : 07/12/2017 12:00:00
Categories : Tips and tricks

When cats get bitten by insect : how to react ?
Summer days bring their lots of joys, but also of inconveniences. These months are thus those where the insects are out : wasps, bees, hornets, but also mosquitoes, tawny, ants or spiders. So many creatures that can spoil our picnics, but also hurt kitty ! Cats being inveterate hunters, they can often imprudently attack all these little animals and get stung. The wound is usually benign, but it can be painful and sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Here are the tips to know in case your cat has been stung by an insect.

Identify the area and cause of the sting

The first step is to spot, if possible quickly, where your cat got bitten. Also, some of his behaviours should alert you. If you notice that your cat is suddenly rubbing the paw against the head, biting himself, or if an abnormal swelling appears on a part of his body (usually on his legs or head) then he has probably been bitten by an insect.

Locate the area of the sting and then look, if possible, to find out what type of insect attacked Kitty. If he has just been stung and the insect is still in the area it will be easier. In general, wasp, hornet or bee stings will also tend to create more painful and greater inflammations. For the bee moreover, the stinger can remain planted in the skin ...

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Heal a cat stung by an insect

If your cat has been stung by a bee and the insect sting is still present, you must first remove it. It is not recommended to do this with tweezers, as this method may cause a little more venom to spread from the stinger (when the venom bag has remained hanging). Instead, use a flat, rigid object, such as a credit card, and gently press the skin to release the sting. Get help if possible, because kitty may not be very cooperative ...

To soothe your cat stung by a bee, you can then apply on the bite a paste made with baking soda and water (the venom of the bee being of acid nature, this will partially cancel its effect). For a wasp or hornet sting, whose venom is a natural alkaline, apply a little vinegar or lemon juice. If there is a swelling, also pass a bag filled with ice cubes (or frozen vegetables) : the cold will deflate the wound and relieve the pain. Whatever the nature of the bite (wasps, but also mosquito, spider ...) also make sure to disinfect it.

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Beware of complications

Some bites can be impressive, especially when they cause swelling, but are usually not serious: in a few hours everything returns to normal. However, caution should be exercised when the animal has been stung in the mouth or throat, or if swelling occurs in these areas after a sting, as they may cause respiratory discomfort. In such cases, the veterinarian must be visited quickly.

The same applies if your cat is allergic or has multiple bites. Signs such as difficulty breathing, excessive salivation, dizziness, vomiting or diarrhoea should alert you. Take your cat to the veterinarian very quickly, who will give him a suitable treatment.

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