Aude Sanchez, brand founder

01. Genesis of the brand

Each element of our interior is meticulously chosen. These associations of materials, colors, all these little things that dress our houses are important to feel good at home.

So why not have this choice for the bed, the toys or the scratching post for our cats?

Something comfortable for our cat and beautiful for us?

It is from this questioning that the Meyou Paris adventure started. We wanted to make the link between the comfort of our cats and our design desires.

At the origin of the brand, Aude Sanchez, a design enthusiast from the world of marketing and communication.

02. The concept

Our products with their pure design are made from natural materials.

They have been designed to offer maximum comfort to cats while beautifully dressing our homes in timeless colors.

Their subtle design combines curved and straight lines that create a refined cocoon for our cats.

Curious and playful by nature, they can take shelter there to observe the world, rest away from prying eyes or even make their claws.

The cube

The flawlessness of graphic shape surrounding a woven cotton cocoon in which our cats can sleep.

The Ball

A soft sphere, a comfortable cocoon on a stylish stand mixing wood and metal.

The Bed

A warm bed, made of solid wood and 100% wool, but also an observation post allowing our cats to look at the world around them.

The Nest

A cozy nest that will welcome the naps of our cats but also of our dogs. It knows how to be nomadic, folding and easily carried everywhere.

The Vegas

A cactus-shaped wall scratching post that will make cats and their owners purr with pleasure!

Socially responsible French products

03. Our values

Meyou is of French manufacture.

The wood or steel work, the fabrication or the assembly of the parts, each of these steps is carried out in France by professionals who have supported the project since its beginning.

But being "Made in France" is not enough. Meyou is socially involved and has an action with disabled people in the working world.

We collaborate with an establishment of services and assistance through work for the entire manufacturing process, but also the assembly of products and stock management. We have surrounded ourselves with industrialists specialized in wood, steel and textile work.