The Peacock Cube, Wood Edition


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The CUBE represents the flawlessness of a graphic shape, the softness of a handmade woven cotton bubble and a real territory for your cat. A small cube in which it can sleep and sharpen its claws. Available in 7 colors, the cotton balls are easily replaceable, allowing you to adapt colors to your mood or to switch when damages made by the scratches are too visible.

Cube : L 11’’ x l 11’’ x H 13 3/4’’
• Cocoon: ø 15 3/4’’, opening 7 3/4’’
• Packaging : L 18’’ x l 18’’ x H 17 3/4’’

Cocoon: coated polyester yarn 
• Cushion: filber filll fabric
• Metal: epoxy paint
• Solid beech, mat varnish

Clean with a wet cloth
Cushion: machine wash warm (86°F)

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Our products are studied by French designers to offer you different shapes and materials of classic baskets.
Our products are made with quality materials, tested and resistant, which allows to extend their longevity.
Our products are made in France, and fully recyclable.
We offer a wide range of colors and shapes so you can find the perfect cat bed for your home and your home.

    The cocoon offers a soothing and reassuring place. It will convey a feeling of safety to your animal, and allow it to fall asleep easily.

    | CALM

    If you have several cats, or children, your cat may need a place of its own, to rest. The cocoon will allow him to isolate himself a little when he wishes.

    | HEAT

    The ball keeps the inner heat that is soothing and soft.


    Our products come with a soft cushion, your pet will feel like a cocoon.

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