Textured pots for VEGAS

The combination of exoticism, elegance and sobriety

Design and discreet, this pot is incorporated into the lower part of the VEGAS scratching post in brushed stainless steel to make it a decorative accessory that fits perfectly into any type of interior. Just as each element of a room is carefully selected to express its personality through a unique style, Meyou Paris believes that the same should be true for the objects essential to your cat's well-being. This is why all the products offered by the brand have been specially designed to ensure the comfort of your companion and the embellishment of your homes and apartments by dressing them in classic and timeless shades.

The VEGAS pot is available in seven textures: white concrete, gray concrete, black concrete, starry night, white wire, wenge or light oak. They will give character to the room, adapt to your style and highlight the ornamentation of your interior. You can buy several pots to change them according to the seasons or your desires. Light tones will bring freshness in spring and summer, brown colors will bring warmth in autumn and white or grey tones will bring a cosy atmosphere in winter. In addition, some textures will suit the simple and authentic charm of Scandinavian and bohemian styles while others will match the modern and innovative character of contemporary and industrial styles.

The VEGAS scratching post is fully customizable to match the style of your home. The pot immediately adds a chic finishing touch to the scratching post, making it a trendy and whimsical decorative object, while meeting your cat's primary needs.

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